Residential Painting in Marietta GA

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Residential Painting

Professional home painting in Marietta, GA. Alo Painting provides expert house painting and home maintenance services. Learn more about our services by clicking here.

Painting wall blue
Marietta Painting Company painting wall blue

Interior Painting

You should hire a professional painter to paint the interior of your home if you want professional results. Whether it’s a full home remodel or a new accent wall, your property deserves top-notch service and a perfect finish. Our interior home painting services perform an interior painting job that is seamless, quick, and precise and will significantly improve the overall look and feel of your property.

Exterior Painting

The simplest strategy for boosting your home’s curb appeal is to paint the exterior. With Alo Painting, we can give your home a total makeover with no worry, problems, or issues.

Our team of expert exterior painters produces the best results possible, giving you a finished project you can be proud of and that your neighbors will be jealous of.

Kitchen cabinet painting

Cabinet Painting and Finishing

A simple paint job may revive a kitchens cabinets. Our interior painting pros can restore your home’s cabinets for a quarter of the expense of complete cabinet replacement. Typical restoration tasks include replacing hardware, repairing dents and dings, preparing the cabinets, priming, and painting to the color of your choice.

Drywall repair in Marietta

Drywall Repairs

Due to the humidity, Marietta drywall may face issues with mold. Consult a painting contractor for drywall issues. Drywall concerns left unrepaired can cause costly structural damage to your home’s walls.

Several things may damage drywall, creating cracks, splits, dents, and wet patches of various sizes. Common drywall damage includes:

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